Wagner Carts Euro Collar Harness


Our Wagner Harness will fit ANY size horse or pony!


Our Wagner Carts line of synthetic horse harness is made just for us and designed to go perfectly with your Wagner cart!

euro collar pair harness

Great Features -

 Our harness has many great attributes that are often only offered as  optional, however we provide them as standard features.  Your horses  comfort and safety come first with this harness!

And all the materials used to  make our harness are top quality from the stainless steel hardware down  to the waffle padding. 

Freisian in euro collar

One size does NOT fit all!

 We do not believe in “one size fits all” harness.   Most horses are a combination of sizes in regards to their body parts,  just like the rest of us!  

We guarantee that with our custom built  horse harness, we can fit your horse. We are more than happy to combine the  harness parts in the sizes needed to fit your horse perfectly!


Here are just a few of our great harness features:

  •  Curved bridle crown for maximum comfort and a perfect fit which  alleviates  the pressure your horse feels against the ear when he turns it  back to listen to you! 
  • Double buckle noseband to avoid lower jaw pinching 
  • Lines with buckle and swivel connection and finger loop


More Horse Harness Features


  • Both our Euro collars and Deep “V” style breast collars have a  unique D-ring tug attachment for an adaptable, fluid line of draft, to  make pulling easier for your horse or pony! 
  • Quick release shaft loops as a standard option 
  • Leather crupper (because we think some things should just be leather!) 
  • Top quality waffle padding under saddle, britching and collars


Custom Harness Fitting!

If we deliver your Wagner Cart and Harness, we offer custom harness fitting!  And not only do we fit it, we explain it to you as well. 


And of course our harness is made in the USA...Just like our Wagner Carts!